Glen Ellen Fire Protection District

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

To report an emergency 
   from a land line dial 9-1-1
For fire/medical emergency
   from a cell phone call            707 576-1365
For  law enforcement 
   from a cell phone call
   707 565-2121

Welcome to the Glen Ellen Fire Protection District

The Glen Ellen Fire Protection District serves the village of Glen Ellen and surrounding hills and vineyards from the Mayacamas Mountains to Jack London’s Beauty Ranch. The dedicated members of this combination fire department consist of two paid firefighters and approximately 30 volunteer firefighters whose mission is to safeguard the health, life and property of their friends and neighbors.


The department responds to approximately 300 emergency calls a year and half of these are medical aids. With many of the firefighters qualified as Emergency Medical Technicians basic life support is administered until the arrival of a paramedic staffed ambulance. Trained to use the firefighting and rescue equipment a third of the calls are for structural, wildland fires or suspected fires or vehicle accidents. The balance of emergency situations involves hazardous conditions such as downed power lines or trees or public service requests. In the event of an emergency it will be a member of this well trained department that will be the first responder.


In addition to their emergency service duties and training drills this close knit group of individuals sponsors or participates in the community events that are cherished by the residents of Glen Ellen and fundraising events to assist in the acquisition of equipment and firefighting apparatus. Grants and generous donations from the residents and businesses in Glen Ellen have made this one of the best equipped small departments.


This enthusiasm and commitment of this department is woven into the fabric of this small town from a life saving procedure to a special pancake on Mother’s Day or the town pride of yet another water fight victory at the Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival in Sonoma.

2013 Water Fight Champions

The 2012-2013 burn season is officially over.