Glen Ellen Fire Protection District

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

To report an emergency 
   from a land line dial 9-1-1
For fire/medical emergency
   from a cell phone call            707 576-1365
For  law enforcement 
   from a cell phone call
   707 565-2121

Community Events and Calendar

Easter Egg Hunt

See you next year

Every year on the Friday afternoon before Easter children gather at the Fire Station to dye eggs.  On Saturday morning the Firefighter Bunnies assisted by the Glen Ellen firefighters hide the eggs in the fields of Dunbar School ...... and the hunt is on !!!

Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast
See you next year

Glen Ellen families flock to the fire station to celebrate Mother's Day with pancakes, Fireman Fizzes, Mommy Mimosas, friends and families.  Safety demonstrations, a jump house and maybe a visit form Smokey himself make this a must go event.
Dunbar School Student Day
See you next year

As part of their role educating the public in fire and emergency preparedness member of the Glen Ellen Department visits the local elementary school to demonstrate safety measures.

Barbecue & Dance
7 pm til Midnight the last Saturday in June at the Fire Station-See you next year!

On the last Saturday in June the Village of Glen Ellen gathers at the Fire Station for the oldest annual event in the Sonoma Valley.  The trucks are rolled out, the dance floor is down and the barbecue is fired up. Donations from the community make up a Silent Auction which is one of the Department's major annual fundraisers.

Valley of the Moon Vintage Fair Water Fight
See you next year as we defend our title in front of the Sonoma Barracks

Every September the firefighters in Glen Ellen travel south to the Plaza in Sonoma to engage in battle against the other local fire departments.  With wits and water the confrontation combines muscle and teamwork until one team stands triumphant.  As the reigning champions the competition wine barrel has been decorated with the GEFD Wolf in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2011 and again in 2012 !!!

Glen Ellen Village Fair
See you next year !!!!

The Glen Ellen Village Fair hosts the best and shortest hometown parade west of Napa anchored by the Glen Ellen fire trucks.  And then the libations for the afternoon are available from the firefighters and the auxiliary in the boothes located right next to the dunk tank.
Other Community Duties

From providing engines for the Kenwood Fourth of July Parade to providing transportation for Santa Claus on his way to Sonoma and escorting the Clydesdales on their holiday tour of town, the Fire Department is an integral part of the Valley of the Moon.
Sonoma County Safety Pals Troupe 
Working with the Board of Education this ensemble includes members from local fire departments, Cal Fire, Sheriff's deputies, Highway Patrol, Coast Guard and 911 dispatchers. The goal is to teach positive safety responses to 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders in all 43 school districts in Sonoma County. To have this talented troupe of puppets and clowns visit your school contact JC Carvajal at .