Glen Ellen Fire Protection District

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

To report an emergency 
   from a land line dial 9-1-1
For fire/medical emergency
   from a cell phone call            707 576-1365
For  law enforcement 
   from a cell phone call
   707 565-2121

Become a Firefighter

Applications for volunteer firefighters with the Glen Ellen Fire Protection District will be accepted at any time.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you may pick up an application at the fire station or download a copy here.  The completed application can be dropped off at the station along with a current DMV printout of your driving record.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and live or work within the Glen Ellen Fire District.

Young men and women between the ages of 14 and 21 are encouraged to join the Kenwood Fire Explorer Post 31 and more information can be obtained by contacting Captain Ben Gulson at 707- 833-2042 or by email at [email protected].
Being a Firefighter

Under supervision the firefighter performs a variety of duties which include fire suppression, protecting life and property, assisting victims in medical or trauma emergencies and assisting the public during any emergency situation. 

Firefighters must be prepared and learn:
  • firefighting
  • search and rescue
  • emergency medicine
  • vehicle extrication
  • swift water rescue
  • confined space rescue 
  • hazardous materials and situations

In addition to providing service to the designated Glen Ellen area the Department also provides mutual aid to other nearby Fire Districts and when needed a strike team is sent to other areas.

Training prepares firefighters to respond to a wide variety of emergency situations.  Training includes:
  • operating and maintaining firefighting and rescue equipment
  • handling hose and ladders in firefighting situations
  • assisting in overhaul and salvage operations
  • performing rescue and administering first aid
  • cleaning and inspecting equipment after use
  • operating telephone and radio equipment
  • studying department operations' guides and regulations

The training schedule varies from bi-weekly and weekly drills, day long training sessions with other agencies and month long certification courses. Training activities are coordinated with county and state agencies to ensure compliance with relevant and legal standards.

Mass Casualty Incident

Using local residents and high school students as victims a mass casualty incident drill was planned and executed involving not only Glen Ellen, Kenwood and Eldridge Fire Departments and Cal Fire but also the CHP and REACH.

Vehicles were placed and burned.  The victims were realistically made up and tagged with injuries.  And the emergency crews and equipment responded.