Glen Ellen Fire Protection District

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

To report an emergency 
   from a land line dial 9-1-1
For fire/medical emergency
   from a cell phone call            707 576-1365
For  law enforcement 
   from a cell phone call
   707 565-2121


3281 Type 1 All Risk Engine   "Josephine"

Although not a resident of Glen Ellen the first engine was named after the mother of Firefighter Joe Foster who began raising the money for a new engine prior to moving to Texas. Donations large and small from the community were collected until the funds were available for this important first step to a new and advanced fleet of apparatus.

3271 Type 3 Wildland Engine   "Stacia D."

Having supported the Department with her own generosity of time for countless years, Stacia Derickson is the daughter, wife and mother of Glen Ellen Firefighters and one of the first dispatchers.  The Derickson/Thompson Family have been serving the community for almost a century and Station Two is located on the family ranch on Sonoma Mountain.

3272 Type 3 Wildland Engine    "Hazel T."

Hazel and Roland Todd through their generous donation of property have been major benefactors of all of the volunteer fire departments in the Sonoma Valley.  It is through the generosity of community members that allows not only the equipment for the department to save lives - but to have the proper gear and apparatus to be safe while doing so. 

3231 Rescue Squad   "Helen B."

The Benziger Family led by Helen and Bruno have been staunch financial supporters of the Glen Ellen Fire Department.  In 1988 after an incident at the winery Chris Benziger asked the Chief what he could do to repay the debt. Since that day in addition to being an executive at the winery he has been an active volunteer seen on calls, tending bar or fighting for the championship in the annual water fights in Sonoma.
3295 Water Tanker    "Pat S."

As wife of Chief Win Smith who served in that position from 1982 to 1997, Pat volunteered at community events and department functions supporting the department in numerous ways. It is not only the dedication of the firefighters themselves but their spouses and families who serve behind the scenes as neighbors helping neighbors.
Apparatus Photos Courtesy of Moon Valley Studio