Glen Ellen Fire Protection District

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About Us

The Glen Ellen Fire Protection District operates as a combination department consisting of two paid firefighters and approximately 30 volunteer firefighters.  The paid firefighters supported by part-time firefighters are on duty from Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. When an emergency call comes in at night or on the weekends the department is staffed by the volunteer firefighters who respond to the station when they receive a page for an emergency incident.


The Fire District's organizational structure includes a Chief Officer, an Assistant Chief Officer, a Battalion Chief, seven Captains, eight Engineers (equipment operators) and a number of Firefighters. Many of the members are qualified as Emergency Medical Technicians.  Several volunteers are qualified as paramedics working for other agencies and all of the personnel have received advanced training in the operation of the automatic external defibrillators that are carried on all first out emergency fire apparatus.

In 1923 after a devastating fire that destroyed a number of structures, the people of Glen Ellen met and formed a volunteer fire department.  They purchased a 1924 Model T Ford fire truck with money raised by popular subscription.  That truck and vehicles acquired over the years were kept around town in barns and garages.  In 1929 the first firehouse was built where Marshall's garage is now.

A new Dodge Brothers fire truck was purchased in 1932. (The fire department still owns this truck and it is the star in the annual parade in Glen Ellen.)  Annual dances were held in the Chauvet Hotel to raise money to support the fire department. A new firehouse that would hold two engines was built on Glen Ellen Avenue (now Arnold Drive) near Warm Springs Road.
In the early 1950s boundaries were drawn up and in 1955 the county approved the creation of the Glen Ellen Fire Protection District.  The District is governed by five elected Directors who meet monthly to conduct District business.

In 1961 a Firemen's Auxiliary composed primarily of firefighter's wives was formed as a support group.  The Association of Glen Ellen Firefighters was incorporated in 1968.

In 1963 land was acquired on Arnold Drive where the road made a right angle turn near Riddle Road. The current fire station was completed in 1967 and the sweeping curve that now exists in front of the fire house was created.  The second fire house was created at the Derickson Ranch on Sonoma Mountain Road in 1973.
A Little Bit of History